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JY Australia understands that transitioning from the ADF is something that can be daunting for the individual and is a decision that requires careful thought before pursuing. With a veteran rich workforce, JY Australia can provide you with assistance to make your transition from service a smooth one.  


The program provides

Case Studies

Rhiannon Busch

General Manager & Indigenous Mentor


Rhiannon Busch discharged from the Army after 15 years of service. She spent a large part of her career as a Marine Specialist with 10FSB, discharging as a SGT. As she was looking to discharge, she was unsure of what skills she had gained through the Defence Force that would translate to a civilian career.

Since discharging and joining JY Australia Rhiannon has proved that transitioning out of Defence is very achievable with her skillset. She has worked as a Contractor Project Assistant within the support office of Foreign Military Sales. Whilst working here Rhiannon has also been involved in the Army’s Community Outreach Program and been a mentor for JY Australia’s Indigenous Development Employment Program.

All of this resulted in Rhiannon winning the Indigenous Woman of the year award at the 2022 Women in Defence Awards. Rhiannon has most recently been promoted to the General Manager – Indigenous Programs at JY Australia. Rhiannon has proven that the leadership and management skills she learnt through the Army go a long way when it comes to civilian employment.

Josh Sims

Project Manager


Josh Sims served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Maritime Logistics Officer for 15 years, with experience on various ships, operational postings in South Sudan and Afghanistan, and exposure to the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) and Joint Logistics Command (JLC).

With tertiary education in Business and Project Management, he joined JY Australia and applied his skills in stakeholder engagement, communication, capability sustainment, capacity for work, as well as Project, Risk, and Financial Management. JY Australia supported Josh in his transition from Defence, including work experience, advice on training and CV development.

Josh currently works as a Project Management Services and Support Officer for Integrated Solider Systems Branch (ISSB). Prior to this he was working as a Commercial Contracting Officer for the Battlespace Communications Operations Group (BCOG), contributing to the acquisition and sustainment of deployable communications systems for the ADF. Josh plans to continue developing as a Project and Program Manager in CASG and is committed to his professional development through courses, study, and professional associations.


Owen Brady

IDEP Mentor


Owen Brady left the Australian Army at the rank of Sergeant after a 15-year career as an Information systems Manager. His broad ranging career took him around Australia and internationally ensuring that communications and information systems were operating to full capacity.

Owen has deployed into the Middle East and has spent an enjoyable time working alongside the Australian Navy as part of the Ships Army contingent providing communications support with Amphibious Operations in multiple roles which included the Amphibious Beach Team and providing advice on internal communications solutions.

Since discharging from the Army Owen has proven to be a successful Operations lead working with Raytheon Australia. The technical, management, and leadership skills he learned through the Army have ensured his success in a civilian environment.

Prior to transitioning from the ADF, Owen was uncertain of his future employment opportunities and was fortunate to have JY Australia reach out to offer employment through their Veterans Transitions pathway program. Owen was introduced to the company and became increasingly familiar with the company’s vision, mission and goals all of which are inline with his own goals, beliefs and values.

Kate Lloyd

Project Management Consultant


Kate Lloyd left the Australian Army after 12 years’ service as a Logistics Operations Manager. Her career took her around Australia making significant contributions to large-scale operations and exercises both domestically and overseas. During her career in the Army she gained key technical ILS skills that were highly sought after in the civilian workplace.

On discharge from the Army, Kate worked for Leidos Australia as a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager. It was here she made the realisation that the Army had taught her all the skills required to become a Project Manager.

She joined Downer Defence Systems as a Manager helping to develop the JP9131 Transition and Acceptance plans. Her leadership and management skills she gained from the Army ensured that she was key to the success of this project.

Kate has now moved into a Project Manager and Project Director role of Air6502 (Ground Based Air Defence). Despite not having a background in the Airforce her broad Defence skillset has spoken for itself.
Kate has realised that the leadership and management skills she was taught in the Army have been the difference when it comes to working on large scale projects. She has the level head and experience in high pressure situations to ensure success.

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