JY Australia has an extensive background in Quality Management Consultancy. We have proven our capability through Defence Industry and have now delivered services to thousands of clients across Australia. JY Australia is also committed to developing opportunities and long-term professional careers for our Indigenous talent.

JY Australia’s team of experienced Management System Auditors have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to support our clients throughout the initiation, maintenance and certification stages, across a number of management systems.

Our commitment to providing your business with skilled consultants is reflected in our recruitment strategy, which focuses on hiring Australian Defence Force Veterans.

As a small-to-medium enterprise within Defence Industry, JY Australia understands the requirements of your business, and we are uniquely positioned to assist you in maintaining your system and achieving results.

Our experts have significant expertise as auditors in both Defence and non-Defence industries, and specialise in developing and implementing tailored systems compliant to the International Standards:

  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental (ISO 14001)
  • Safety (ISO 45001)
  • Quality in Aerospace, Space and defence (AS9100D)
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000).
JY Australia Consultants work on Quality Management.

Why Choose JY Australia for Quality Management Consulting?

Work with JY Australia cause of our Expertise


Our seasoned professionals bring years of experience in quality management, guaranteeing you the best industry practices.

Work with JY Australia cause of our Tailored Solutions<br />

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our services are customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Work with JY Australia cause of our Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive compliance solutions, designed to meet regulatory standards seamlessly.

Work with JY Australia cause of our Competitive Advantage<br />

Competitive Advantage

Quality management isn’t just about compliance; it’s also about driving excellence and standing out in the market. We help you gain a competitive edge.

JY Australia is an Indigenous and Veteran owned company

Indigenous and Veteran Owned

JY Australia is an Indigenous and Veteran owned company, and all the company’s revenue remains in Australia and benefiting First Nation Australians.


JY Australia Consultants can help with Management Systems Implementation

Management Systems Implementation

We ensure clients achieve certification by closely collaborating to gain a deep understanding of their organisation. With extensive experience spanning various industries, our consultants boast a rich history of delivering outstanding results.

JY Australia Consultants can help with Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing

All our consultants are trained as lead auditors with substantial experience in conducting external audits to meet International Standards. This guarantees that the independent evaluation of your management system adheres to the highest standards.

JY Australia Consultants can help with Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

We adopt a holistic perspective, thoroughly assessing your management system in comparison to the relevant standard.

JY Australia Consultants can help with System Maintenance

Managed Service

We offer consultants to manage your system,  so you dont have to. This will be from it’s inception, all the way through to external triennial audits or internal audit milestones.

JY Australia Consultants can help with Training and Courses

Training and Courses

Every one of our consultants comes from a Defence background and has a track record of delivering training in challenging environments. With their pertinent on-the-job training and experience, our course delivery encompasses the latest methods, trends and analysis.

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