Why choose JY australia 

JY Australia prides itself as being one of the most attractive companies for employees from a range of different backgrounds. At JY Australia, we have an obvious interest in recruiting Defence Force Veterans who understand what it takes to support the war fighter, however we also recognise the importance of a diverse workforce and value the experience of all individuals across various industries. Our attitude towards employment is tailored toward individual circumstances, ensuring every employee is set up for success within their given role or appointment.

At JY Australia we guarantee you will feel like a valued member of the team at all times. Our values are Professional, Trustworthy and Community which ensures we drive diversity, inclusiveness and mateship within our organisation. JY Australia also regularly facilitates opportunities to socialise and engage outside of the workplace, creating a fun and relaxed environment for our team.

Indigenous Employment

JY Australia is committed to supporting Indigenous employment. JY Australia recognises the importance of providing access to employment opportunities for Indigenous people and ensuring they have the necessary resources to be successful in the workplace. This includes providing support for training and development programs that help Indigenous employees build their skills and advance their careers.

JY Australia also believes in creating a safe and inclusive workplace that respects the diversity of cultures and backgrounds. All JY Australia employees complete Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training to ensure that our employees are educated on the cultural differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. This helps our Indigenous team members to feel comfortable being their authentic selves and that their culture and family values are not compromised. By creating an environment that values diversity and inclusivity, JY Australia is helping to create a workplace that supports Indigenous employees and their cultural objectives.

We are committed to creating an inclusive, supportive workplace that values diversity and respects Indigenous culture and traditions. By prioritising these values, JY Australia is helping to build a more equitable and just society for Indigenous people in Australia.

Veteran Employment

JY Australia is committed to employing and supporting a Veteran-rich workforce. This not only benefits the company but also contributes to the broader goal of providing opportunities and support for Veterans transitioning to civilian life. By leveraging Veterans’ experience and expertise, JY Australia makes informed decisions about creating a work environment that best suits them and ensures they are set up for success. The company’s competitive and well-rounded work package demonstrates their dedication to supporting Veterans’ transition to civilian professional employment.

JY Australia understands the challenges Veterans face when leaving the service and is committed to their well-being. This supportive environment can help Veterans feel more comfortable in their new roles, improve job satisfaction, and ensure long-term success in civilian life. JY Australia emphasizes building a close-knit workforce to create a positive work environment.

The company’s internal mentoring can be especially beneficial to Veterans transitioning to a new work environment, seeking guidance and support from colleagues, and contribute to long-term career growth and job satisfaction.

JY Australia’s frequent social events are another way to build camaraderie and boost morale among colleagues. These events provide opportunities for employees to socialize and connect outside of work, which can help strengthen personal relationships and foster a sense of community within the workplace. Overall, JY Australia’s commitment to supporting Veterans and creating a positive work environment can benefit not only Veterans but also all employees in the company.

Here are some of the benefits we offer Jy australia employees

Flexible Working Conditions

JY Australia employees work all over Australia. We will facilitate what location works best for you and your family to ensure you spend the most time where you want to be.

Professional Development Allowance

We work with you to understand your professional development aspirations and will tailor your professional development allowance to financially support your goals. This can be used in a range of ways from personal study, leave to complete courses or hardware to set up your home office. We are very flexible to help make this allowance as beneficial as possible.

Loyalty Leave

Aimed at rewarding long-term JY Australia employees who have performed greater than 2-years continuous service. We value the commitment and continued efforts of our employees, keeping our brand strong and reputable.

Bonus Scheme

Used to reward referrals and recruitment of successful candidates to the company.

Parental Leave

JY Australia have recently updated and improved their parental leave policy to reflect employee requirements.

Internal Mentoring Program

JY Australia’s mentoring program ensures a smooth transition into professional services and continues with your growth in the industry.

Funded Social Activities

We are always looking for opportunities to get the team together for social activities. Whether it’s international conferences, awards nights, sporting events or dinner out, JY Australia will be hosting the team.

Culture Leave

2 days per year for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Team Members who are required by tradition or island custom to attend ceremonies.

Novated Leasing & Salary Sacrifice

We offer a range of salary sacrificing options including superannuation and vehicles.

Employee Wellbeing Services

JY Australia have partnered with Sonder. Sonder allows both you and your family access to a range of trained professionals by phone or chat 24/7.

Reserve Leave

Up to 2 weeks per year. If you wish to increase your reserve leave entitlements, we can negotiate on this through a flexible work arrangement.

IDEP Workshop Facilitation Opportunities

Our employees are encouraged to get away from their day-to-day workplace and be involved in our IDEP workshops. You can personally help close the gap by facilitating lessons for our Indigenous participants.

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