Our Story

JY Australia is an Indigenous and Veteran-owned professional service provider with a long and deep history of supporting Defence and Defence industry. JY Australia are part of the broader Defence family and take great pride in supporting and building the capability of today’s war fighter. The JY Australia team has Defence experience both in and out of uniform, further enhancing their ability to support the war fighter. A Veteran rich workforce is attributed to our career pathways program which targets transitioning service personnel through support, training and mentoring.

JY Australia is also committed to the development and employment of Indigenous professionals through the implementation of the JY Australia Indigenous Development and Employment Program (IDEP), which strives to increase Indigenous development, expertise and representation at all levels in the Australian Public Service and Industry. JY Australia’s connection to Indigenous talent, Defence and Defence Industry makes it the ideal partner to create meaningful employment opportunities for First Nations People—from Country to serve Country.

JY Australia is an Australian-owned professional service provider. All investment in our company stays in Australia.


History of JY Australia

JY Australia was originally founded as JLB-Yaran by Rick Callaghan in 2016 as a joint venture between his company Yaran Business Services and JLB Management Consultancy. JLB is Australia’s largest and most experienced management system consultancy while Yaran Business Services is one of Australia’s longest operating independent Aboriginal business advisory firms. JLB-Yaran was established by Rick to deliver an Indigenous professional services capability to Defence and advance opportunities for Indigenous talent to develop careers in the Defence Sector.


In 2019, Brendan Dumbrell joined JLB-Yaran as the Managing Director and led the creation and implementation of JLB-Yaran’s Indigenous Development and Employment Program (IDEP) into Government and Defence. With a growing workforce of Defence professionals, predominately ADF Veterans, JLB-Yaran is also committed and passionate to grow Indigenous participation in the Defence Workforce. 

JY Australia has experienced significant growth in its history, growing from two people in 2016 to over 50 employees as of 2023. As an organisation we have created a wide range of strategic partners in Defence and other industries. These strategic partnerships have been pivotal in the company’s growth and has led to the company moving to a stand-alone venture.

In 2022 JLB-Yaran changed its name to JY Australia. This name was created to reflect the legacy of JLB and Yaran business services and Australia to highlight our slogan of supporting everyone in the country. The company prides itself on being Indigenous and Veteran owned, managed and operated all within Australia for Australian’s.


From Country to Serve Country


To Advance Australia with Innovative Services



Professional – We are highly competent and always strive to exceed expectations.

Trustworthy –  We are trusted to deliver value and act with integrity.

Community – We are genuinely inclusive and care for our people.


Facts about JY Australia’s Workforce

  • 65% of JY Australia employees are Veterans
  • The JY Australia workforce has over 350 years of service experience spanning across all three services (Navy, Army and Air Force)
  • JY Australia employees are a combination of both Ex Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers
  • 26% of JY Australia’s employees come from an Indigenous background. This includes our Chief Executive Officer Brendan.
  • JY Australia employees are dispersed across many locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane.

Did you know?

  • There were an estimated 600 Aboriginal Nations around Australia with more than 250 language groups.
  • Today there are only about 120-145 language groups in use.
  • Out of the 120-145 language groups, only 13 of these are not considered to be endangered.

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