Rhiannon Busch discharged from the Army after 15 years of service. She spent a large part of her career as a Marine Specialist with 10FSB, discharging as a SGT. As she was looking to discharge, she was unsure of what skills she had gained through the Defence Force that would translate to a civilian career.

Since discharging and joining JY Australia Rhiannon has proved that transitioning out of Defence is very achievable with her skillset. She has worked as a Contractor Project Assistant within the support office of Foreign Military Sales. Whilst working here Rhiannon has also been involved in the Armies Community Outreach Program and been a mentor for JY Australia’s Indigenous Development Employment Program.

All of this resulted in Rhiannon winning the Indigenous Woman of the year award at the 2022 Women in Defence Awards. Rhiannon has most recently been promoted to the General Manager – Indigenous Programs at JY Australia. Rhiannon has proven that the leadership and management skills she learnt through the Army go a long way when it comes to civilian employment.