Owen Brady left the Australian Army at the rank of Sergeant after a 15-year career as an Information systems Manager. His broad ranging career took him around Australia and internationally ensuring that communications and information systems were operating to full capacity.

Owen has deployed into the Middle East and has spent an enjoyable time working alongside the Australian Navy as part of the Ships Army contingent providing communications support with Amphibious Operations in multiple roles which included the Amphibious Beach Team and providing advice on internal communications solutions.

Since discharging from the Army Owen has proven to be a successful Operations lead working with Raytheon Australia. The technical, management, and leadership skills he learned through the Army have ensured his success in a civilian environment.

Prior to transitioning from the ADF, Owen was uncertain of his future employment opportunities and was fortunate to have JY Australia reach out to offer employment through their Veterans Transitions pathway program. Owen was introduced to the company and became increasingly familiar with the company’s vision, mission and goals all of which are inline with his own goals, beliefs and values.