Kate Lloyd left the Australian Army after 12 years’ service as a Logistics Operations Manager. Her career took her around Australia making significant contributions to large-scale operations and exercises both domestically and overseas. During her career in the Army she gained key technical ILS skills that were highly sought after in the civilian workplace.

On discharge from the Army, Kate worked for Leidos Australia as a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager. It was here she made the realisation that the Army had taught her all the skills required to become a Project Manager.

She joined Downer Defence Systems as a Manager helping to develop the JP9131 Transition and Acceptance plans. Her leadership and management skills she gained from the Army ensured that she was key to the success of this project.

Kate has now moved into a Project Manager and Project Director role of Air6502 (Ground Based Air Defence). Despite not having a background in the Airforce her broad Defence skillset has spoken for itself.

Kate has realised that the leadership and management skills she was taught in the Army have been the difference when it comes to working on large scale projects. She has the level head and experience in high pressure situations to ensure success