Craig is an accomplished leader who has demonstrated versatility across his 14 year’s working with the Commonwealth. He has been able to work on and deliver high profile projects across multiple Government departments. His ability to lead multi-disciplined teams to achieve strategically important outcomes is a testament to his ability to navigate and mitigate issues.

Throughout Craig’s career he has developed his skill set as a Project Manager and Director on some of the bigger programs including spending 2022 as a Director for Acquisition under the Navy Guided Weapon Program in the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). Under the Navy Guided Weapons Program Craig has successfully managed the acquisition of numerous high-profile capabilities including Maritime Strike Tomahawk, Naval Strike Missile, Standard Missile and Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM). Craig has an in-depth knowledge of different stages of the One Defence Capability Life Cycle and the Smart Buyer Process as well as a diverse understanding of different procurement methods from Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and even consortium arrangements.

Craig joined JY Australia in 2023 and quickly established himself as a pivotal member of the leadership team at the same time as managing another critical project for the Airlift and Tanker Sytems Branch in CASG.

From 2024 Craig has taken on the role of Head of Professional Services Division within JY Australia. His focus is strengthening the relationship with JY Australia’s strategic partners and ensuring the continuity of support to Defence in achieving enhanced capability to the war fighter.