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Growing our presence in the Defence Industry, JLB-Yaran is providing a diverse range of professional services throughout the sector. Delivering qualified and experience specified personnel to CASG and Defence Primes, JLB-Yaran is also committed to developing opportunities and long-term professional careers for our Indigenous talent.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Management

    JLB-Yaran’s expert team of logisticians are able to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) management services throughout the full spectrum of the capability life cycle. JLB-Yaran employees are able to adequately perform key ILS functions including the development of support requirements, controlling and evaluating logistic support analysis, development of ILS documentation and are able to take responsibility for the management and coordination of project ILS teams. As a devoted employer of ex-service personnel, JLB-Yaran are able to provide professional ILS managers who have experience working in a logistics environment performing functions such as acquisition ILS, in-service logistics, sustainment and asset management. The JLB-Yaran team also provides the additional capability of having experienced end users who thoroughly understand Defence systems and requirements.

  • Engineering & Technical Services

    JLB-Yaran’s engineering specialists are equipped with professional engineering qualifications which enable them to provide engineering solutions across the required DSS panel skill sets such as systems and software engineering, technical engineering and through an extensive array of specialist engineering facets.

    JLB-Yaran’s growing Engineering capability is led by qualified professionals delivering Systems and Specialist Engineering services into CASG Programs such as the Future Submarine Program (FSP). Supporting Acquisition and Sustainment Programs across Defence, our Engineering and Technical experts support Program Management and Materiel Logistic requirements whilst delivering the key needs in the Specialist and Systems Engineering fulfill. JLB-Yaran supports the transition of ADF Engineers into the Defence Industry and provides professional development opportunities to ensure the placement into CASG for Operational Engineering Managers is tailored for the individual prior to placement.

  • Commercial Services

    JLB-Yaran’s team of highly experienced and competent commercial professionals can assist with all commercial requirements. These requirements are not limited to; Strategic Business Advice, Procurement Evaluation Support, Liability Risk Analysis, Supplier and Product Compliance Assurance as well as provide assistance with Contractual Options and Tender Development.  JLB-Yaran consultants understand the importance of driving efficiencies, maximising opportunities, managing risk and acquiring value for money for their clients.  Additionally, the JLB-Yaran procurement team are highly qualified and professional consultants that have experience in all aspects of procurement. From one-off procurement to supply chain development to category development and strategic procurement, JLB-Yaran work with our clients to understand their requirements in order to achieve planned outcomes. JLB Yaran’s point of difference is our commercial and procurement consultant’s ability to adapt to the culture, processes and requirements of our clients to ensure a seamless integration to maximise the driving of value for every commercial or procurement activity.

  • Project Management Services

    JLB Yaran’s team of certified Project Management professionals have the requisite knowledge, skills and tools to partner our clients through all stages of the Project/Programs lifecycle. JLB-Yaran is committed to providing the Defence Industry with skilled consultants who are able to provide program and project management support, project risk and issue management, project scheduling, process definition improvement as well as project and life-cycle costing management. JLB-Yaran understands that the delivery of Defence projects or programs within the prescribed schedule, within budget and of specified quality is the result of the successful integration and application of Program Management frameworks and systems. In order to ensure we achieve this, JLB-Yaran recruit consultants who are ADF and Defence experienced personnel as well as ensuring the continual enhancement of their project management skills through substantial professional development allowance as part of their employment contracts.

  • Quality Management and Technical Risk

    JY Australia’s team of Quality Management consultants has undergone extensive training from one of Australia’s leading certification agencies, positioning us as a trusted provider of Quality Management and Technical Risk Services to complex Defence projects.

    Our experience in these areas has equipped us to effectively identify and mitigate potential technical risks while ensuring that products and services meet the highest quality standards. We work closely with project leads to develop customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each project.

    Our team’s rich history in Defence provides us with valuable insights and understanding of the technical risks associated with Defence projects. We bring this experience together with our training in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) to ensure that technical risks are understood and managed appropriately.

    At JY Australia, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and support in navigating the complex landscape of Quality Management and Technical Risk Services

    Key QM and Technical Risk functions include:

    • Lead auditor qualified consultants, trained through JLB Management Consultancy
    • ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 assessed and qualified
    • Experience in assessing large civilian and Defence organisation’s systems
    • Expectation management and consultation of key stakeholders
    • Management of audits and auditing schedules both internal and external to projects and organisations
  • Supply Chain Management Support

    JLB-Yaran’s team of highly experienced logistics and supply chain professionals specialise in functions such as supply chain analysis, inventory optimisation and planning, compliance assurance and logistics support analysis. JLB-Yaran understand the importance and benefits of an optimised supply chain as well as the efficiencies gained in an inventory which has been rationalised to meet a client’s supportability requirements. With a veteran rich workforce, JLB Yaran consultants have experience in providing analysis on performance, management and optimisation of Defence supply chain activities. In addition, JLB-Yaran can also meet our clients Defence Logistics Information Management System operator needs by providing highly skilled and qualified individuals to manage or support all Logistics Information Systems (LOGIS) requirements in both acquisition and sustainment project office.

  • Training & Learning Development

  • Change Management

Case Studies

  • Kate Lloyd

    Senior Project Manager

    Kate Lloyd

    Senior Project Manager

    Kate Lloyd served in the Australian Regular Army for over 10 years as a Transport Corps Officer, and continues to serve as an Active Reservist. Throughout her time in service, Kate was posted to medium and heavy transport units, training establishments (in both instructional and command positions) and joint movements. Kate also fulfilled a deployment to the Middle East as the Second-in Command of a logistics support element.

    Kate joined the JY Australia team in March 2021; however, this was not immediately after transitioning from the ADF. Kate transitioned from Defence at the start of 2020 and prior to joining JY Australia, she undertook two roles outside of the military as a Logistics Manager at the Joint Defense Facility – Pine Gap and a Transition Manager on a cyber project in Canberra. During this time, Kate did not feel her defence skills and civilian qualifications were appropriately understood or used to their full capacity, and as a result she sought to find a company and role that had a better understanding of what she had to offer as a Defence consultant.

    In January 2021, Kate reached out to JY Australia through an expression of interest after hearing of the strong reputation and values of the Company. She was keen to explore options with JY Australia as the company’s management team had a comprehensive understanding of her skills (both civilian and military). She was also interested in JY Australia as their values and visions meant she would have the chance to be mentored and developed, whilst also being able to share her own knowledge and experience with others through the Indigenous mentoring initiatives that JY Australia offer.

    Throughout the JY Australia recruitment process, Kate was provided with appropriate guidance by JY Australia management on where her military skills and industry experience would be best utilised within the project management stream, whilst also allowing her the opportunity to develop her skills and experience through employment in the correct job role.

    Kate is currently working on AIR6502-1 as the Project Manager (after being promoted from the Deputy Project Manager in 2022), with the project seeking to provide a deployable Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence capability as part of the wider AIR6500 Series Program. To date, Kate has assisted the team through several critical milestones to support the project achieve its required government approvals by working with a combination of Defence, APS and contracting staff to achieve this milestone.

    Kate is excited to represent JY Australia in CASG and develop her skills and knowledge in the project, in particular learning about the intricacies within the capability lifecycle along the way. She is keen to further enhance her skills as a project manager by leveraging the professional development initiatives offered by JY Australia, which has so far supported Kate in receiving a degree in Portfolio Management, completing the Boeing Program Managers course and supporting her current studies in Systems Engineering.






  • Andy Saccoia

    ILS Manager

    Andy Saccoia

    ILS Manager

    Andy Saccoia is a Royal Australian Navy Veteran having served 7 years as a Maritime Logistics – Supply Chain Sailor. His Navy career which included a deployment to the Middle East Area of Operation – in support of Operation Manitou in 2014 and three postings onboard HMAS Ships Huon, Kanimbla and Parramatta where he developed his knowledge of supply chain management, procurement, warehousing, and logistics. Andy’s military experiences enabled a smooth transition into Industry with his extensive knowledge of Defence’s Supply Chain Management procedures and policies, the RAN’s Ships Inventory Management System (SLIMS) and the Defence Inventory Management System – MILIS provided pathways into NSSG Project positions. A confident and competent Supply Support Manager, Andy is now developing his Project Management skillset to further develop his expertise and delivery to future Defence requirements.

    Andy is proud to be acknowledged as JY Australia’s first Consultant and a major part of our company’s success. Joining JY Australia in 2018, Andy was contracted to support as the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) lead to support the outfitting of the Shipboard Allowance List (SAL) for the newly commissioned HMAS Brisbane within the Air Warfare Destroyer CASG PMO. Hopeful this start with JY Australia would lead to career development opportunities, he quickly developed his consulting skills and enhanced his reputation as a reliable and competent ILS Operator. Andy’s next role at the Naval Construction Branch in SA supported the DDG Supply Chain Establishment Project. The project’s outcomes secured the supply chain for the DDGs and incorporating the supply of Good and Services, ensuring firm pricing and lead-times. This will facilitate future forecasts, de-risking the inoperability of the RAN’s most lethal assets. Andy currently supports Project SEA4000 Phase 6 within the Maritime Integrated Warfare Systems (MIWS) Branch.

    A motivated professional with a determination to develop his skillset, Andy has completed a Diploma of Logistics and Project Management since joining JY Australia and has now begun a Master’s of Project Management utilising his professional development allowance. Andy’s growing capability will continue to support Defence’s growing requirement into the future.




  • Mitchell Metcalf

    Foreign Military Sales Specialist

    Mitchell Metcalf

    Foreign Military Sales Specialist

    Mitchell Metcalf served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 13 years as a Logistics Officer. During his time in service, he was posted to air movement, logistics system policy and foreign procurement units in both technical and command positions. Mitchell also served on three different operational deployments in Kuwait, Japan and the United Arab Emirates providing a range of logistics planning, humanitarian and air services support. This experience enabled Mitchell to gain an appreciation of the joint environments and range of logistics support to Defence

    Like many veterans, location stability became Mitchell’s priority and one of reasons for transitioning out of the military. When considering his prospects after leaving, Mitchell recognised that he had more to offer Defence and wanted to leverage his experienced with Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) to other projects. It was fortunate that Mitchell was approached by Hayden Surrao, offering Mitch an opportunity at JY Australia to provide Project Management services to Land Systems Division in Melbourne. Mitchell was very impressed with the companies support to transitioning veterans, workplace culture and strategy to provide greater Indigenous participation to Defence Industry.

    Mitchell worked with JY Australia to develop a excellent opportunity with the Heavy Armoured Capability Systems (HACS) Project as a Integrated Logistics Support Manager in 2020. HACS is responsible for the major acquisition of the upgraded Abrams Tank and various Combat Engineering Vehicles from the United States Government. The position enabled Mitchell to focus his career and develop his technical knowledge in Foreign Military Sales from the Royal Australian Air Force.

    Mitchell is a proud member of the JY Australia family and keen to support the company’s vision.





  • Brandon Fleming

    Systems Engineer & Explosive Ordnance Specialist

    Brandon Fleming

    Systems Engineer & Explosive Ordnance Specialist

     Brandon Fleming served in the Australian Regular Army for 12 years as a Logistics Officer. During this time, Brandon has worked across a range of general and specialised appointments in both Land and Joint domains. After completing several general logistics roles, Brandon pursued the opportunity to specialise as an Ammunition Technical Officer. This saw him complete extensive training, followed by being posted to the Proof and Experimental Establishment in Port Wakefield, SA, where he contributed to the ongoing assurance of Defence explosive ordnance. Brandon has been fortunate to deploy to the Middle East Region in both general logistics and explosive ordnance roles. His military experience is complemented by tertiary education in Business, Logistics Management and Systems Engineering, which makes him suitable for both Project Management and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) roles.

    Following Brandon’s deployment to the Middle East Region in 2020, there was a desire to pursue a new challenge outside of Defence. Brandon engaged JY Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Cooper, to get some advice about transitioning from Defence and was encouraged by the support offered by JY Australia. Leaning on the company’s Veteran Support Program, Brandon felt that JY Australia was the best fit for him to transition out of the Army. He was pleased to hear that JY Australia is extensively invested in the development of employees through meaningful work and training opportunities, while also supporting ongoing reserve work within the ADF.

    Brandon currently works for the Department of Defence’s Maritime Integrated Warfare Systems Branch as an ILS Manager. In 2022, he was heavily involved in a series of major submissions to improve the supportability of the Hobart Class Destroyer (DDG) Combat System through life and will continue with this body of work into 2023. He hopes that his unique and diverse experience and tertiary education will continue to help Defence reach project and product outcomes in an efficient and effective manner.

    Brandon maintains close ties with the ADF as an active reservist and works with UNSW’s School of Engineering and Information Technology. Brandon hopes to broaden his Defence knowledge by pursuing roles that work with maritime capability. Brandon’s long-term goal is to contribute his expertise to projects and products involving Defence explosive ordnance.


  • Aaron Simpson

    Project Manager & ILS Specialist

    Aaron Simpson

    Project Manager & ILS Specialist

    Aaron served over 10 years in the ADF – Army and Air Force – both in a technical trade and commissioned capacity. Since departing the ADF in late 2020, Aaron has satisfied consultative Project Management (PM) and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) roles within Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG).

    Sovereign Capability Support –

    • CA29 Situational Awareness Systems Program Office (SPO) & LAND53: PM support in leading the withdrawal and disposal of NINOX Night Fighting equipment and Legacy items.
    • LAND125, Field Equipment: ILS support in leading contractual changes required for Deed Transitioning, including the provision of technical assessments and collaborative procurement with a Prime Vendor.
    • LAND907/LAND8160: PM support for the M1A1 Abrams Tank end of capability life cycle, including leading change management integration of SPO/Project merge and transition.

    Indigenous Development and Education Program (IDEP) Support –

    Aaron is an active contributor to JY Australia’s IDEP, supporting the IDEP Mission. Aaron acknowledges the importance and benefit of building our current and emergent Indigenous Workforce. He enjoys supporting JY Australia in their pursuit of leading the way as a National Service Provider for Indigenous Leadership Training and Development.

    Aaron appreciates all things professional and personal development oriented. He continuously seeks new challenges and strives to positively influence those around him.

    Aaron is an advocate of transformational change management, innovating thinking and thought leadership.

    A committed husband to his amazing wife, Rachel, and a proud father to his two daring daughters, Lillian and Penelope.


  • Andy Gilpin

    ILS Manager

    Andy Gilpin

    ILS Manager

    Andy Gilpin enlisted in the United Kingdom Royal Corps of Signals in 1983. His initial trade training in Catterick, UK,  led him to deploy as an electronic communications engineer. Following further trade training in 1988 he was posted to South Georgia where he worked independently to maintain communications from the island. His performance in an isolated team led him to be selected as the team leader of the Royal Signals Display Team. Further postings included being the project manager for the setting up of a new communications engineering department at the School of Signals followed by an operational deployment to Northern Ireland.

    This intensive period was followed in 1996 by his selection as a Forman of Signals, which concluded in 1998 with the award of a BSc in Communications Systems Engineering working first as the System Support Manager of 35 Signal Regiment, managing communications as widely as Corps level. In his final tour he worked on the BOWMAN Integrated Project Team in the Defence Procurement Agency developing the technical support policy and procedures for the MoD’s new combat communications system.

    Having completed 22 years uniformed service and achieving the rank of Warrant Officer, Andy was employed as a senior systems modelling and ILS Consultant undertaking modelling and ILS tasks including being part of the ILS team in support of the Remotec UK bid for the replacement for MoD’s Wheelbarrow IED RPV and as a Whole Life Cost specialist working on a bid for the replacement of internal sonar equipment on the Royal Navy’s fleet of Vanguard Class submarines.

    Before moving to Australia in 2007, Andy was employed as a senior ILS Consultant for QLSL undertaking project management and ILS tasks including being a member of the support engineering Team working on the UK MoD’s replacement Support and Cargo Vehicle project on behalf of MAN ERF UK.

    After moving to Australia, Andy took a position of Preparedness Assistant (Critical Item Manager) in MPSPO with responsibility for supporting preparedness and capability support activities for the AP-3C followed by being employed on various ILS Management and tasks for a number of AP-3C upgrade projects. Further tasking included RAN HISS management and ILS tasks, including, development of the FRACAS tool and process and as the ILS Manager in HSPO on the VSD upgrade of the Leeuwin class Hydrographic vessels.

    Andy is currently supporting ISREW SPO LAND undertaking various ILS management tasks within the L154-4 project including ILS planning and management, drafting of ILS plans and FIC Coordination. Andy continues to use his extensive experience of working on CASG Programs to provide advice on cost and technically efficient support engineering, ILS management, LSA, publications and training support. Highly reputable and well known to JY Australia Consultants, Andy has been identified as a specified person appropriately skilled and experienced to deliver to a variety of ILS, LSA and Systems Engineering requirements.




  • Damian Mitchell

    Asset Manager & ILS Practitioner

    Damian Mitchell

    Asset Manager & ILS Practitioner

    Damian Mitchell is a proud ADF veteran who served in the Australian Army Regular as a Vehicle Mechanic, discharging from full time service in 2008 he then completed reserve service till 2017 upon discharge. Following his departure from the Army, Damian was employed in the Australian Public Service (APS) as a Workshop Manager for 24 SQN Mechanical Equipment and Operations Maintenance Section (MEOMS) at RAAF Edinburgh. During this appointment, Damian was able to attain and develop various new skills including the leadership and management of Ground Support personnel as well as management of technical equipment including Aircraft Arrestor System (ASS). In addition, Damian was responsible for the interaction with the Systems Program office (SPO) as a part of Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) in order to ensure operational capability and sustainability which created an interest in higher level capability management.

    When the opportunity presented for a maintenance scheduler position within the Joint Logistic Unit (JLU-S) Damian transitioned his Career towards fleet management as a Defence contractor. Damian transitioned into the Scheduler position and later the maintenance Planner for five fleet types of Land Systems vehicles (initial JLU-S management of M113, G-Wagon, fuel vehicles, engineering vehicles and fire trucks). Damian was responsible for the management of these fleets across the JLU-S district under various Chief of Army funding lines. Following JLU-S, Damian assumed a position at Babcock as part of CAF24 Air Training and Aviation Commons Systems Program Office (ATACSPO) working with Ground Support Equipment (GSE), specifically AAS. Damian managed and sustained AAS and was a part of multiple projects during runway upgrades. He was granted an opportunity to upskill his project management skill set with Babcock which greatly assisted reinforcement of learning and experience gained from existing projects.

    Damian had contemplated other opportunities within Defence Industry with other ex-Defence employees and found JY Australia was offering a position to contract to Joint and Air Systems Program office (J&ASPO) which falls under Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Systems Program Office (ISREW SPO). The support work quickly increased due to a loss of staff which saw Damian fill the Integrated Logistic Support Manger (ILSM) position for Stimulators supporting tri-service countermeasures.

    Recently through JY networking Damian has transitioned into Heavy Armoured Systems Program Office (HASPO) as a Tech Officer to assist with Tanks. Damian is proud to become a part of JY Australia, a company that supports Veterans and Indigenous employees through coaching and mentoring to assist in providing Defence capability. Damian now supports HASPO by providing support to Engineering and ILS cell.

    Damian is enjoying the challenges faced at HASPO as a JY Australia employee and looks to further his skills and provide further support to the Australian Defence Force.



  • Rohan Fisher

    Project Manager & Quality Management Specialist

    Rohan Fisher

    Project Manager & Quality Management Specialist

    Rohan Fisher served in the Australian Regular Army for 13 years as a Combat Engineering Officer. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, he joined the Army through the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) studying a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in History and Politics. After commissioning from the Royal Military College-Duntroon (RMC-D), he was allocated to the Royal Australian Engineers. In his career he has completed command roles in Darwin, a variety of training and instructional roles at both the School of Military Engineering (SME) and RMC-D, and Staff roles within Headquarters Forces Command and Army Knowledge Centre.

    Rohan also completed an operational deployment to Iraq embedded with a United States Task Force. Working as the Protection Officer, his primary role was to work on countering improvised threats and planning defensive operations. Rohan completed his time with Army at Headquarters Second Division working within personnel policy, recruitment and retention. 

    Rohan has furthered his education with a Masters of Business and intends to complete further courses relating to Change Management in the future.  

    Rohan is keen to represent JY Australia in CASG while developing as a Project and Program Manager. It is an exciting time to be involved in the various domains of CASG, with numerous programs underway to deliver world-class capability for the Australian Defence Force. JY Australia takes an active role in the professional development of consultants and Rohan has shown a desire to continually upskill through courses, study and professional associations in the future. 



  • Craig Pollack

    Senior Project Manager

    Craig Pollack

    Senior Project Manager

    Craig has 13 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service. Throughout Craig’s career he has developed his skill set as a Project Manager and Director on some of the bigger programs including spending 2022 as a Director for Acquisition under the Navy Guided Weapon Program in the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). Under the Navy Guided Weapons Program Craig has successfully managed the acquisition of numerous high-profile capabilities including Maritime Strike Tomahawk, Naval Strike Missile, Standard Missile and Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM). Craig has an in-depth knowledge of different stages of the One Defence Capability Life Cycle and the Smart Buyer Process as well as a diverse understanding of different procurement methods from Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and even consortium arrangements.

    Before transitioning to the Department of Defence Craig spent 7 years with the Department of Human Services where he was able to spend time working on the creation of my.gov.au, the creation of Medicare Claiming Online as well as the re-invigoration of the National Bowel Screening Program. These early projects in Craig’s career allowed him the opportunity to master the project basics around risk, cost and schedule management. These skills were further sharpened at Defence as he continued his professional development to be an industry accredited Certified Practising Project Director and as he continues to complete his Masters in Project Management through the University of New South Wales.

    It was delivering these programs that Craig developed a passion for making a difference to the community through his work and recognised that JY Australia would present a fantastic opportunity to continue to do that. JY Australia’s motto “From Country to Serve Country” really resonated with Craig and he looks forward to contributing to more meaningful Defence programs in the future for a proudly Veteran and Indigenous owned Australian company.



  • Justin Walsh

    Project Manager

    Justin Walsh

    Project Manager

    Justin Walsh served in the Australian Regular Army for over 12 years as both an Enlisted Soldier and Commissioned Officer. Throughout his time in service, Justin fulfilled general combat support postings to both medium and heavy maintenance repair facilities across both Forces and Special Operations Command as an Electronics Technician. As a Commissioned Officer, Justin specialised as an Intelligence Corps Officer with postings in the Signals Intelligence domain.

    After 12 years in the Australian Army, Justin felt there was a desire to pursue a new challenge outside of uniform whilst still contributing to Defence Industry. Inspired by the company motto, “From Country to Serve Country”, Justin engaged JY Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Cooper, to get some advice about transitioning from Defence and was encouraged by the support offered by JY Australia. Leaning on the company’s Veteran Support Program, Justin felt that JY Australia was the best fit for him to transition out of the Army. He was pleased to hear that JY Australia is extensively invested in the development of employees through meaningful work, supporting professional development, but most importantly, joining another community post Defence.

    Justin has furthered his education, recently completing his Graduate Certificate in Project Management along the way to a Masters of Business Administration.

    Justin is keen to represent JY Australia in CASG while developing as a Project and Program Manager. It is an exciting time to be involved in the various domains of CASG, with numerous programs underway to deliver world-class capability for the Australian Defence Force. Justin looks forward to continuing down the technical project pathway with a focus on Electronic Warfare.




  • Tom Carroll

    Quality Management Specialist

    Tom Carroll

    Quality Management Specialist

    Tom Carroll served in the Australian Regular Army for 10 years as an officer in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, and continues to serve as an Active Reservist. During his time in the Army, Tom was posted to protected movement and road transport units, held instructional postings at training establishments, as well as planning and executing strategic and operational logistics in the joint movements environment. Tom deployed to the Middle East in 2018 as the current operations officer of the primary logistics support element. 

    Tom began studying at the University of Sydney in 2012, before deciding to attend the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra, completing a Bachelor of Arts – International and Political Studies in 2014. After finishing training at the Royal Military Academy – Duntroon in 2016, Tom posted across Australia, spending time in Townsville and Wagga Wagga, before settling in Brisbane.  

    Tom is a proud veteran who is intent on continuing to contribute to Defence in his new capacity as a Project Management Consultant. Tom is keen to demonstrate his competence, communication skills and results-driven approach in a new field at JY Australia. 

    Tom joined the JY team in February 2023 immediately after finishing his full-time service, utilising JY Australia’s Veteran Transition Program, and currently lives in Brisbane. He was recently married to his long-term partner, Kloe, and the pair enjoy camping during weekends. Tom is a passionate supporter of the St George Dragons, continues to play Rugby League in his local area. 



  • Broniie Morgan

    Contract Manager & Foreign Military Sales Specialist

    Broniie Morgan

    Contract Manager & Foreign Military Sales Specialist

    Broniie grew up surrounded by the military as her father was posted around Australia and internationally during his Army career. Broniie was always interested in working within Defence and started her 16 year Defence APS career in 2007 in the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

    Broniie started out managing the financial aspects of the Air Force sustainment program within Aerospace Systems Division. This included coordinating and managing the biannual sustainment reviews (Mid Year Reviews and Defence Management Financial Plans) and briefing the results and recommendations to senior Air Force members, including DCAF and ACAUST.

    In 2015 Broniie was seconded to be the Executive Officer for the Chief Finance Officer of DMO to support the transition to One Defence, which was a new experience and very challenging and provided exposure to senior Defence committees and a greater understanding of Defence’s relationships with other central Government agencies.

    In 2016 Broniie was asked to build a new position, Foreign Military Sales Financial Program Manager (FMSFPM), which brought together all aspects of FMS financial management under a single position as it had previously been spread across six different areas within Defence.

    Broniie worked with both internal Defence stakeholders and US Defense services and agencies to establish critical relationships and greater knowledge of processes within both organisations to improve information provided and to bridge gaps in understanding between the different financial practices and procedures. Broniie co-chaired the FMS Financial Management Reviews (FMRs) with the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) which incorporated a review of contract and capability outcomes and risks on financial outcomes for Australia’s largest and most complex FMS cases.

    Broniie provided advice and support of large Defence projects, with FMS, going to Government for approval.

    During her time as FMSFPM Broniie also contributed to reviewing and providing advice on different Defence Cooperative Programs, often reviewing MOUs and FMPDs prior to signature to support improved financial accountability and visibility against capability outcomes.

    Broniie found the FMSFPM role the most rewarding as it involved all areas and aspects of Defence and working with the US personnel and agencies was enjoyable and challenging and allowed her an excellent understanding of the US Defense environment.

    Broniie is looking forward to representing JY Australia as she continues working with Defence in Armoured Vehicles Division.

    Broniie enjoys travelling, riding her motorbike, scuba diving and spending time with family, friends and her staffy, Fenrir.



  • Luke Southwell

    Project Manager & Indigenous Mentor

    Luke Southwell

    Project Manager & Indigenous Mentor

    Luke is a proud Ngarrindjeri man who was born and raised in Adelaide SA. Luke’s engagement in Defence commenced through the Indigenous Apprenticeship Program (IAP) and since then has been involved in Defence as an Army Reservist and an Australia Public Service (APS) employee with the Department of Defence.

    Luke’s previous employment saw him take up a position at the Naval Construction Branch (NCB) for the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) where he worked alongside JY Australia Consultants as the Information Manager. Impressed with his performance and ability at the NCB, JY Australia approached Luke for the Operations Manager position at Head Office. Since then, Luke has transitioned into consultancy work as a Project Support Officer supporting Wide Area and Space Surveillance Systems Program Office (WASSSPO) in Adelaide.

    Being interested in helping to solve social and economic issues that Indigenous people may face, Luke is particularly passionate about increasing participation and providing opportunities in employment, training and education for his community and he does this through his mentoring responsibilities in JY Australia’s Indigenous Development Employment Program (IDEP). Luke shares his knowledge, experience, expertise, and advice with his Mentees, focusing on Professional Development and advancement within their chosen careers.

    Luke brings valuable insight to the IDEP which has benefited all participants and he has recently completed a Certificate IV in Indigenous Leadership from the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre as well as Certificates in Business, Government and Military Skills.

    Luke is married to Vanessa and has 2 children – Isaac and Iliana. As well as being a proud father, Luke enjoys playing sports, travelling and spending time with his family and friends.



  • Amber Alexander

    Project Support Officer & Indigenous Mentor

    Amber Alexander

    Project Support Officer & Indigenous Mentor

    Amber is a proud Indigenous woman who is still actively exploring her heritage.

    She recently completed a decade of service in the Full-time Army, where she was a Medical Technician.Amber was posted to the Northern Territory, Victoria, North Queensland, and Adelaide. In her role in the Army, Amber supported a variety of units on both domestic and international operations.

    Amber enjoys most sports and has been fortunate to represent the Army and the Australian Defence Force playing field hockey and AFL both nationally and abroad. Amber’s career highlights include being deployed on Operation Highroad and working in a role 2 hospital in Afghanistan, as well as representing the ADF playing hockey on ANZAC Day in New Zealand against the New Zealand Defence Force.

    Amber loves making relationships with people and is excited to be working with JY Australia in a full-time capacity. Outside of work, Amber has a partner and two dogs, and they enjoy camping, watching sports, and being outdoors.



  • Mick Reynolds

    Project Manager & ILS Specialist

    Mick Reynolds

    Project Manager & ILS Specialist

    Mick Reynolds served in the Australian Regular Army for fourteen years and continues to serve as a reservist. A graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College – Duntroon, he also holds graduate and post-graduate qualifications in business and project management. Mick’s Army career centered on a diverse range of roles within the transport and logistics stream, working across land, maritime, air and joint capabilities. Mick’s service included a deployment to Iraq as the team leader of the joint movements detachment responsible for supporting the retrograde of Australian equipment and personnel from Baghdad. 


    Mick had connections to a number of JY team members through his time in Defence, and so reaching out to JY Australia upon transitioning was a natural step. Supporting his aims to settle in Newcastle, Mick began working a role as an Integrated Logistics Support consultant to Project AIR5431 Phase 3, the Civil Military Air Traffic System, a joint venture between Airservices and Defence to upgrade and unify air traffic management in both organisations. Mick is currently the Joint Logistics Program Manager within the Airservices-led Joint Project Team, focused on the development of a support system of capability consisting of multiple major systems and balanced between two organisations with differing priorities.


    Despite a steep learning curve, Mick’s recent experience in a very complex acquisition program has honed his knowledge of Defence and industry standards for Integrated Logistics Support/Integrated Product Support in order to ensure that sound methodologies are applied and appropriately tailored to organisational and technical needs.  




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