From nurturing young minds as a PDHPE teacher to shaping the future of Indigenous talent, Shane’s career path reflects a deep commitment to development and empowerment. With over 17 years of experience spanning education, leadership, and training systems, he brings a unique perspective and dedication to his current role as Chief Development Officer at JY Australia.

Over his 13 years of service from 2009 to 2021, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Australian Navy, he developed and refined his learning and development and leadership skills. He fulfilled various roles, such as ab-inito training, naval aviation, and overseas deployments, showcasing his versatility. His exceptional leadership abilities were acknowledged with his appointment as Lead Instructor Leadership at the Royal Australian Naval College, where he shaped future leaders of the Navy.

Now, Shane champions the cause of Indigenous talent development. Leading the Indigenous Development and Employment Program, he provides strategic leadership, tailored mentorship, and career advancement opportunities to help Indigenous Australians excel within the Australian Public Service, Defence Industry, and rural communities. This commitment stems from his strong belief in building a more inclusive and equitable society.

A lifelong learner at heart, Shane embraces a growth mindset and actively seeks knowledge beyond traditional avenues. He leverages online resources like YouTube and podcasts to stay informed on industry trends and best practices, complementing his formal education with a Bachelor of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. This dedication to continuous improvement fuels his passion for empowering others, as he believes personal growth is a cornerstone of individual and collective success.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shane enjoys an active lifestyle on the South Coast with his wife Summa and daughter Imogen. Whether surfing the waves, crafting custom surfboards, or scaling rock faces, his adventurous spirit reflects his enthusiasm for life and his ability to inspire others.