Rhiannon is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Woman from a small town of Normanton, located in remote North Queensland in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Rhiannon served in the Australian Regular Army for over 14 years as a Marine Specialist. Rhiannon had a diverse career in the ADF, taking up postings outside her specialisation at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion as a Recruit Instructor and the Defence Force Recruiting in the Specialist Recruiter Team for Indigenous personnel.

As a Marine Specialist, Rhiannon worked on Army watercraft such as LCM8’s and LARC’s, operating in domestic and international waters. Rhiannon also spent an extensive amount of time working alongside the Australian Navy as well as supporting Amphibious Operations in multiple roles which included the Amphibious Beach Team, Watercraft Operator on LCM8s and Liaison Officer providing advice on Watercraft and Beach Operations. Rhiannon’s experience with Amphibious Operations has enabled her to understand a wide range of different capabilities within the ADF.

Prior to transitioning from the ADF, Rhiannon was familiar with JY Australia through their generous support to the ADF Indigenous Football Program. Following this, Rhiannon was formally introduced to the company and became increasingly familiar with the company’s vision, mission and goals. After meeting with JY Australia’s CEO – Brendan, Rhiannon better understood JY Australia’s commitment to “Closing the Gap” and knew it was a company she wanted to be a part of. Through JY Australia’s Veteran Transition Program, Rhiannon was provided with the support and understanding she needed and was able to smoothly transition out of full time Army.

Rhiannon loved her career in the Australian Army and is very excited to use her experience and knowledge to mentor and assist the Indigenous Development and Employment Program, as well as learning to understand the fundamentals of Defence Industry and representing JY Australia in CASG. She is committed to enhance her skills through the professional development opportunities and guidance offered by JY Australia.

Rhiannon is also a passionate and experienced Football player, who has represented the Australian Army and ADF, as well as playing in other leagues Nationally. More recently, playing in the VFLW in Melbourne. She is the Program Manager for the ADF Indigenous Football Program and uses this role to further her passion to make positive change within our communities and is continuously seeking pathways and opportunities for our Indigenous Youth.