Owen is a proud Aboriginal man from the small regional South Australian town of Port Augusta.

Owen served in the Australian Regular Army for over 16 years as an Information Systems Technician. Owen had a diverse career in the ADF, enjoying postings throughout Australia from 1st Combat Signals Regiment, 16th Air Land Regiment, HMAS Canberra and finishing his career with 7th Combat Signals Regiment as a Sergeant. He held extra regimental duties over his career and was fortunate to be PMC of Club 16 at Woodside Barracks in SA as well as Indigenous Liaison Officer for 7th Combat Signals Regiment.

As an Information Systems Technician, Owen worked on Army’s Information Systems providing communication solutions to deployed customers, operating in domestic and international environments. Owen has deployed into the Middle East and has spent an enjoyable time working alongside the Australian Navy as part of the Ships Army contingent providing communications support with Amphibious Operations in multiple roles which included the Amphibious Beach Team and providing advice on internal communications solutions. Owen’s vast experience has seen him develop from a shy communications solutions team member to being a successful Troop Sergeant leading various teams which has enabled him to grasp and quickly understand a wide range of different capabilities and provide solutions where required within the ADF.

Prior to transitioning from the ADF, Owen was uncertain of his future employment opportunities and was fortunate to have JY Australia reach out to offer employment through their Veterans Transitions pathway program. Owen was introduced to the company and became increasingly familiar with the company’s vision, mission and goals all of which are inline with his own goals, beliefs and values. After meeting with JY Australia’s CEO – Brendan, Owen could not wait to play an active role in JY Australia’s commitment to “Closing the Gap” and knew it was a company he needed to be a part of. Through JY Australia’s Veteran Transition Program, Owen was provided with the support and understanding necessary to smoothly transition out of full time Army.

Owen has fond memories of his career in the Australian Army and is very excited to use his experience and knowledge to mentor and assist the Indigenous Development and Employment Program, as well as understanding the fundamentals of Defence Industry and representing JY Australia in various industry roles. He is glad to be closer to his family and friends once again being back in South Australia.