Danica Pedersen is a proud Aboriginal woman however she is still in the process of finding out exactly where her family are from.

In 2015 Danica joined the fulltime Army as a Cargo Specialist and was posted to Townsville. She joined the Army to develop her personal skills and to grow as a person whilst also serving her country and community.  Whilst serving in the Defence Force, Danica played AFL football for the Australian Army, she made lifelong friendships which she still leans on seven years later.

Since then, Danica has played VFLW for the Williamstown Football Club and was privileged to train on contract with the North Melbourne Football club AFLW.

Becoming a Police Officer has always been a dream profession of Danica’s. This is why in 2017 she discharged from the Army and moved back to Melbourne to undertake this new adventure. Danica still remains in the Army reserves and enjoys her time working with them. Danica always wanted to become a Police Officer because she enjoys helping people and the community. Danica feels helping people in the community correlates really well with JY Australia and what they’re trying to achieve. Danica loves the initiative that JY Australia have started and she wants to be a part of that.

Danica is really looking forward to growing with and mentoring for JY Australia.