Kate Lloyd served in the Australian Regular Army for over 10 years as a Transport Corps Officer, and continues to serve as an Active Reservist. Throughout her time in service, Kate was posted to medium and heavy transport units, training establishments (in both instructional and command positions) and joint movements. Kate also fulfilled a deployment to the Middle East as the Second-in Command of a logistics support element.

Kate joined the JY Australia team in March 2021; however, this was not immediately after transitioning from the ADF. Kate transitioned from Defence at the start of 2020 and prior to joining JY Australia, she undertook two roles outside of the military as a Logistics Manager at the Joint Defense Facility – Pine Gap and a Transition Manager on a cyber project in Canberra. During this time, Kate did not feel her defence skills and civilian qualifications were appropriately understood or used to their full capacity, and as a result she sought to find a company and role that had a better understanding of what she had to offer as a Defence consultant.

In January 2021, Kate reached out to JY Australia through an expression of interest after hearing of the strong reputation and values of the Company. She was keen to explore options with JY Australia as the company’s management team had a comprehensive understanding of her skills (both civilian and military). She was also interested in JY Australia as their values and visions meant she would have the chance to be mentored and developed, whilst also being able to share her own knowledge and experience with others through the Indigenous mentoring initiatives that JY Australia offer.

Throughout the JY Australia recruitment process, Kate was provided with appropriate guidance by JY Australia management on where her military skills and industry experience would be best utilised within the project management stream, whilst also allowing her the opportunity to develop her skills and experience through employment in the correct job role.

Kate is currently working on AIR6502-1 as the Project Manager (after being promoted from the Deputy Project Manager in 2022), with the project seeking to provide a deployable Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence capability as part of the wider AIR6500 Series Program. To date, Kate has assisted the team through several critical milestones to support the project achieve its required government approvals by working with a combination of Defence, APS and contracting staff to achieve this milestone.

Kate is excited to represent JY Australia in CASG and develop her skills and knowledge in the project, in particular learning about the intricacies within the capability lifecycle along the way. She is keen to further enhance her skills as a project manager by leveraging the professional development initiatives offered by JY Australia, which has so far supported Kate in receiving a degree in Portfolio Management, completing the Boeing Program Managers course and supporting her current studies in Systems Engineering.