Damian Mitchell is a proud ADF veteran who served in the Australian Army Regular as a Vehicle Mechanic, discharging from full time service in 2008 he then completed reserve service till 2017 upon discharge. Following his departure from the Army, Damian was employed in the Australian Public Service (APS) as a Workshop Manager for 24 SQN Mechanical Equipment and Operations Maintenance Section (MEOMS) at RAAF Edinburgh. During this appointment, Damian was able to attain and develop various new skills including the leadership and management of Ground Support personnel as well as management of technical equipment including Aircraft Arrestor System (ASS). In addition, Damian was responsible for the interaction with the Systems Program office (SPO) as a part of Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) in order to ensure operational capability and sustainability which created an interest in higher level capability management.

When the opportunity presented for a maintenance scheduler position within the Joint Logistic Unit (JLU-S) Damian transitioned his Career towards fleet management as a Defence contractor. Damian transitioned into the Scheduler position and later the maintenance Planner for five fleet types of Land Systems vehicles (initial JLU-S management of M113, G-Wagon, fuel vehicles, engineering vehicles and fire trucks). Damian was responsible for the management of these fleets across the JLU-S district under various Chief of Army funding lines. Following JLU-S, Damian assumed a position at Babcock as part of CAF24 Air Training and Aviation Commons Systems Program Office (ATACSPO) working with Ground Support Equipment (GSE), specifically AAS. Damian managed and sustained AAS and was a part of multiple projects during runway upgrades. He was granted an opportunity to upskill his project management skill set with Babcock which greatly assisted reinforcement of learning and experience gained from existing projects.

Damian had contemplated other opportunities within Defence Industry with other ex-Defence employees and found JY Australia was offering a position to contract to Joint and Air Systems Program office (J&ASPO) which falls under Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Systems Program Office (ISREW SPO). The support work quickly increased due to a loss of staff which saw Damian fill the Integrated Logistic Support Manger (ILSM) position for Stimulators supporting tri-service countermeasures.

Recently through JY networking Damian has transitioned into Heavy Armoured Systems Program Office (HASPO) as a Tech Officer to assist with Tanks. Damian is proud to become a part of JY Australia, a company that supports Veterans and Indigenous employees through coaching and mentoring to assist in providing Defence capability. Damian now supports HASPO by providing support to Engineering and ILS cell.

Damian is enjoying the challenges faced at HASPO as a JY Australia employee and looks to further his skills and provide further support to the Australian Defence Force.