Andy Gilpin enlisted in the United Kingdom Royal Corps of Signals in 1983. His initial trade training in Catterick, UK,  led him to deploy as an electronic communications engineer. Following further trade training in 1988 he was posted to South Georgia where he worked independently to maintain communications from the island. His performance in an isolated team led him to be selected as the team leader of the Royal Signals Display Team. Further postings included being the project manager for the setting up of a new communications engineering department at the School of Signals followed by an operational deployment to Northern Ireland.

This intensive period was followed in 1996 by his selection as a Forman of Signals, which concluded in 1998 with the award of a BSc in Communications Systems Engineering working first as the System Support Manager of 35 Signal Regiment, managing communications as widely as Corps level. In his final tour he worked on the BOWMAN Integrated Project Team in the Defence Procurement Agency developing the technical support policy and procedures for the MoD’s new combat communications system.

Having completed 22 years uniformed service and achieving the rank of Warrant Officer, Andy was employed as a senior systems modelling and ILS Consultant undertaking modelling and ILS tasks including being part of the ILS team in support of the Remotec UK bid for the replacement for MoD’s Wheelbarrow IED RPV and as a Whole Life Cost specialist working on a bid for the replacement of internal sonar equipment on the Royal Navy’s fleet of Vanguard Class submarines.

Before moving to Australia in 2007, Andy was employed as a senior ILS Consultant for QLSL undertaking project management and ILS tasks including being a member of the support engineering Team working on the UK MoD’s replacement Support and Cargo Vehicle project on behalf of MAN ERF UK.

After moving to Australia, Andy took a position of Preparedness Assistant (Critical Item Manager) in MPSPO with responsibility for supporting preparedness and capability support activities for the AP-3C followed by being employed on various ILS Management and tasks for a number of AP-3C upgrade projects. Further tasking included RAN HISS management and ILS tasks, including, development of the FRACAS tool and process and as the ILS Manager in HSPO on the VSD upgrade of the Leeuwin class Hydrographic vessels.

Andy is currently supporting ISREW SPO LAND undertaking various ILS management tasks within the L154-4 project including ILS planning and management, drafting of ILS plans and FIC Coordination. Andy continues to use his extensive experience of working on CASG Programs to provide advice on cost and technically efficient support engineering, ILS management, LSA, publications and training support. Highly reputable and well known to JY Australia Consultants, Andy has been identified as a specified person appropriately skilled and experienced to deliver to a variety of ILS, LSA and Systems Engineering requirements.