Amber is a proud Indigenous woman who is still actively exploring her heritage.

She recently completed a decade of service in the Full-time Army, where she was a Medical Technician.Amber was posted to the Northern Territory, Victoria, North Queensland, and Adelaide. In her role in the Army, Amber supported a variety of units on both domestic and international operations.

Amber enjoys most sports and has been fortunate to represent the Army and the Australian Defence Force playing field hockey and AFL both nationally and abroad. Amber’s career highlights include being deployed on Operation Highroad and working in a role 2 hospital in Afghanistan, as well as representing the ADF playing hockey on ANZAC Day in New Zealand against the New Zealand Defence Force.

Amber loves making relationships with people and is excited to be working with JY Australia in a full-time capacity. Outside of work, Amber has a partner and two dogs, and they enjoy camping, watching sports, and being outdoors.